Facial Contouring & Buccal Massage

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Experience the Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation with Our Facial Contouring and Buccal Massage Treatment

Our groundbreaking facial contouring and buccal massage treatment aims to give you a refreshed, youthful look. The treatment effectively reduces facial tension, puffiness, and fine lines for noticeable results.

Facial Contouring to Relieve Tension and Reveal a More Defined Facial Structure

Facial Contouring to Relieve Tension and Reveal a More Defined Facial Structure

Relax muscle tension and release facial stress

Detoxifies skin , reducing puffiness and inflammation

Relax muscle tension and release facial stress

Relax muscle tension and release facial stress

The facial contouring massage focuses on key areas like your forehead, around your eyes, cheeks and jawline and around the mouth Our therapists use light pressure and kneading motions to gently ease tension from your facial muscles.

As the muscles relax and skin detoxification improves, you’ll notice:


Relaxed facial muscles and less tension


A reduction in puffiness, especially under the eyes and along the jawline


A more defined, sculpted facial structure emerges

Your skin will take on a more youthful glow and your features will appear more pronounced after releasing facial tension and stagnation.

Buccal Massage for Soothing Facial and Jaw Relief

The second part of our treatment takes facial relaxation even deeper with an intraoral buccal massage.
Our therapist will gently massage the inside of your cheeks, lips and facial muscles within your mouth. This helps to:
Release tension in jaw, cheek and mouth muscles
Improve circulation and detoxifies
Soothe discomfort from TMJ, bruxism and facial tension
Clients feel an almost immediate relieve of tightness and pain in the face and jaw area from this technique. It’s especially beneficial for reduces discomfort associated to:
TMJ discomfort
Teeth grinding and clenching
Headaches originating from jaw/facial tension
Facial tension
The buccal massage completes the facial relaxation process by smoothing away tension from the inside out. This comprehensive approach addresses all the underlying muscles groups in the face for dramatic anti-aging effects.

Long-Lasting Results Reveal a More Youthful Facial Structure

The combination of expert facial massage and intraoral buccal massage provides both instant and long lasting rejuvenating results by:

Reduce chronic facial tension

Increasing blood flow and circulation

Reducing inflammation and puffiness

Releasing deeply-held stress and pain

With regular treatments, your facial features will appear more lifted and toned. Fine lines and wrinkles will smooth out. And your skin will take on a more radiant glow.

Our facial contouring and buccal massage treatments provide a holistic way to restore a more youthful facial structure without injectables or surgery. You’ll look and feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed!

Contact us today to schedule your facial rejuvenation treatment. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions and help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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